Retaining Clip Type Hydraulic Connection

  1. This clip style connector replaces the internal tab lock connector without any modifications or special tools.
  2. Connector and coupling must be the same color. Gold or brass colors connect to each other. Black only connects to black. Any attempt to connect gold or grass to black is an indicator of vehicle modifications, not a catalog error.

To Install:

  1. Inspect the hydraulic line prior to re-assembly for any damage or wear that would require replacement. Closely inspect the 90 degree shoulder that the clip or tab lock locks onto. Any damage to this shoulder will prevent the line from locking. Look for fluid leaks, chaffing, and damage to the connections which may result in a failure of the system to release the clutch.
  2. Install the new split sleeve and connector O-ring.
  3. After installing the transmission, remove the plastic shipping plug and firmly push the line into the connection. The connection will make a clicking sound as it locks. Check the connection by pulling slightly on the line.
  4. To disconnect, remove the clip, then the line can be removed.


This bulletin is to assist int he safe and effective servicing of this application. Transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases are heavy and their safe removal and replacement requires the use of proper tools, equipment and procedures to prevent injury and damage. Always read and follow instruction bulletins and factory service manuals for detailed clutch servicing procedures.


Bulletins and any additional information:

IB237 04/28/2015