Prefilled Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder Installation

Removal: Dodge Ram pickup trucks.

Step 1: Disconnect or remove the start switch located on the master cylindr pushrod. The connector can be removed by unhooking the red locking keeper and pushing the keeper down, see Figure 1. The plug can now be disconnected by unhooking its locking tab. Alternatively the switch can be removed from the pushrod by pinching the two lock tables inward then sliding the retaining cover off, see Figure 2.

Step 2: Remove the clutch pedal to master cylinder pushrod pin by inserting a flat screwdriver between the clutch pedal and the head of the pin, then twist the screwdriver. See Figure 3. Completely remove the pushrod pin.

Step 3: Remove the two nuts holding the slave cylinder to the transmission. Remove the slave cylinder from the transmission. The hydraulic hose is attached to the cab with two plastic clips     connected to the body. Disconnect the hose from the clips.


Step 4: Master cylinder removal. In most cases the master cylinder mounting bracket can be left on the firewall and the master cylinder can be removed by rotating it CCW about 1/8 of a turn. See Figure 4.


Step 5: Carefully pull the master cylinder assembly from the mounting bracket and from the engine compartment pull the entire hydraulic system out of the truck. 


Installation: Dodge Ram pickup trucks.

  1. Do not install the pushrod into the master cylinder prior to installing the master cylinder into the mounting bracket.
  2. CAUTION: Cover the POSITIVE battery terminal to prevent accidentally grounding the hydraulic system to the battery terminal.
  3. Insert the slave cylinder and hose, routing the hose inside the frame. 
  4. Insert the master cylinder into the mounting bracket. Rotate CW to lock into position. See Figure 5. 
  5. Install the slave cylinder on the transmission. It is not necessary to remove the pushrod shipping straps. Tighten the nuts. See Figure 6.
  6. install the two new hose retaining clips into the body. Check the hose routing, do not allow the hose to kink. Insert the hose into the two clips. See Figure 7.
  7. Remove the start switch from the old system. Replace the retaining cover on the switch. Slide the switch onto the pushrod, then the foam ring and then the shoulder washer with the flat side facing the master cylinder. Insert the pushrod switch assembly into the master cylinder; it will lock into the master cylinder.
  8. Line up the master cylinder pushrod into the clutch pedal; insert the pushrod pin then push it in to lock it in position.
  9. Connect the start switch connection and lock it into position with the red locking keeper.


This bulletin is to assist in the safe and effective servicing of this application. Transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases are heavy and their safe removal and replacement requires the use of proper tools, equipment and procedures to prevent injury and damage. Always read and follow instruction bulletins and factory service manuals for detailed clutch servicing procedures.


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IB256 06/25/2015